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7 Reasons Why You Need FORTECHARGER - The Original 4-in-1 Retractable Car Charger By WinnerGear... (Apple & Android)

"I was not expecting a car charger to be this fast. Able to charge two phones and a iPad all at the same time and it is not big to cover other slots as well."

Tangle-Free Travel Bliss

Ditch the cable chaos in your car and make life easier with a retractable car charger. It's not just about tidying up your ride; it's about grabbing one sleek gadget that neatly coils away, sparing you the headache of dealing with a jumble of wires. No more untangling frustrations or safety risks from loose cords—just straightforward, hassle-free charging. A retractable car charger streamlines your power-up routine, adding a touch of simplicity to your driving setup. It's the real deal for those who crave an authentic, no-nonsense solution to the cable clutter blues.


Safety First

The Retractable Car Charger comes equipped with safeguards against overcharging, excessive current, high voltage, temperature fluctuations, and short circuits. This guarantees the safety of your device's battery, shielding it from potential overcharge-related harm.

An embedded control chip actively prevents your devices from overheating, providing added protection against electrical damage.

Caution! Ensure you purchase the authentic FORTECHARGER from WinnerGear to avoid jeopardizing your device with inexpensive imitations that could potentially damage your smartphone or tablet.


Charge 4 Devices At Once

Juice up a quartet of devices simultaneously—whether they're Apple or Android, smartphones, tablets, or even the trusty Nintendo Switch. The built-in iOS Connector and Type-C Connector cover your diverse gadget needs. Plus, enjoy the added perks of two extra ports: a speedy USB port at 2.4A and a PD port at 3.2A, ensuring a faster charge than your run-of-the-mill ports!


Reach Any Location In The Car

Get ready for some serious cable freedom! The package includes two lengthy 31.49” (80 cm) cables—one is a Type-C for Android users and the other is a lightning cable for Apple. And here's the kicker: you can connect up to any extra two cables of your choosing (all 4 cables can charge at the same time)


Fastest Charger In The World

Experience the Retractable Car Charger's impressive 60 Watts of charging power—double the wattage of standard car chargers. This translates to lightning-fast charging, ensuring your devices reach nearly 100% battery in just 30 minutes. Say goodbye to slow charges and hello to a speedier power-up with the Retractable Car Charger.


A Brand You Can Trust

WinnerGear, a renowned brand with a legacy dating back to 2013, has garnered a massive fan base, boasting hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. It stands at the forefront of delivering some of the most exceptional accessories in the market, with millions of units sold over the years. Notable products include the Montar car mount, Exobone, and the groundbreaking Type-B cable, hailed by Gizmodo as "more revolutionary than the invention of the wheel" for its fully reversible plug. This innovative brand has made headlines worldwide, earning accolades such as the "Product of the Year" award from Mashable, and endorsements from top publishers like Gizmodo, Inverse, and many others.


180 Degrees Rotation

With this innovative feature, the charger adapts to your needs, providing unparalleled flexibility. Whether you're navigating with your GPS, watching a video, or simply adjusting to the optimal angle for your device, the rotating base ensures that your charging experience is tailored to your convenience. No more awkward angles or limitations—just a seamless, adaptable charging solution that effortlessly aligns with your dynamic lifestyle.


What Are People Saying About The 21-in-1 Vacuum Cleaning Kit?

Jame G. 

This cleaning kit is a game-changer for my desk! It's super handy for tidying up my AirPods, keyboard, laptop, and the entire desk area. The elongated sponge works wonders on my AirPods, and the little brush with hard bristles is seriously impressive at digging out all the hidden cat hair between keyboard keys (eww, who knew?). The small metal pokey thing is perfect for getting into tight spots on my AirPods and keyboard. Plus, the container's bottom has a big brush that's fantastic for giving my desk a quick wipe-down. It's like a mini-cleanup crew for my workspace!

Living for that spotless life, dust and fingerprints are my arch-nemeses, and this cleaning kit is my superhero. Right out of the box, I was wowed by the array of tools—like a miniature cleaning army in my hands! The firm brushes, especially for keyboards, are dirt and dust ninjas, conquering those pesky keyboard keys. The AirPod cleaner pen and earbud tools are heroes for tackling those tiny, irritating mesh areas effortlessly. Surprisingly effective, the cleaning spray takes down screen smudges and fingerprints on my MacBook and iPhone like a pro. Throw in a foaming glass cleaner, and you've got a dynamic duo. Everything neatly fits into a compact case, making storage and portability a breeze. And let's talk about the unsung hero—the vacuum cleaner. It may be small, but it packs a cleaning punch ten times its size. A clean freak's dream come true!

Armen V

Dr. Wong

The standout feature of this product for me is its versatility. It boasts a substantial brush for cleaning larger devices like laptops and smaller ones tailored for phones or earbuds. With an array of tools, it efficiently cleans the inside of earbud cases and even includes a keycap puller for keyboards. My only concern is the somewhat weak magnet holding the top cover, making it prone to displacement with a little shake.

Joshua K.

Everything I needed. Holy Moly,

This cleaning kit truly serves as a comprehensive solution for all my electronic devices, offering tools for earbuds, mechanical keyboards, and camera lenses. It features various brushes with both soft and hard bristles—the hard bristles are particularly effective for stubborn, long-collected dust, requiring a bit more force to eliminate. Additionally, the inclusion of an extension rod is a valuable feature, addressing the short length of the tools and enhancing their reach.

Elias Abu H.

Shayne SS

This compact kit is a complete package with a variety of brushes and tools, suitable for cleaning virtually any electronic device. This versatility ensures a safer cleaning experience for both you and your smartphone, as using the right brush or cleaner is crucial. The sturdy bristles exude quality, and when neatly stored, it's as compact as a soda can with a sleek white design that blends seamlessly with your desk, avoiding the cluttered look. However, a minor drawback is the 'screen cleaner' inside the lid, featuring small magnets that could potentially scratch a screen. Additionally, the lid's magnetic attachment raises safety concerns, especially for small children who might access the kit, so caution is advised for households with little ones.


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WinnerGear's Original 4-in-1 Retractable Car Charger

Break free from the hassle of dealing with wires in your car; Charge up to four devices, even tablets, ensuring you can go wire-free in a matter of seconds.

Retracts into its compact design! No more cords lying around everywhere!

Universal Compatibility: The charger works with every device out there. Apple, Android, Smartphones, Tablets, and more...

Fast Charging: Experience the Retractable Car Charger's impressive 60 Watts of charging power

4-in-1 Charging: Juice up to 4 devices simultaneously—The retractable cables are lightning cable and a Type-C (you can add any additional cables you want)


Daniel Hagari

This product works like a charm. It has a good weight to it and the cords go a decent amount out. Does take a bit for it to charge my phone, but not drastically slow, fast enough. I had my friend in the car yesterday and she used the retractable charger cable and it worked well for her. A really nice product.

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We want you to be 100% satisfied with everything you buy from WinnerGear. And if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase we will refund your money, or exchange the goods. All we ask is that you contact our customer services and then return the items back to us. 


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MicFlip - World's first fully reversible micro USB cable that won ' The Product of the year' by Mashable.

Today we're changing the way you consume music while working out


Est in 2013 and since then we've changed the mobile accessories industry several times.
Launched the Montar phone car mount which got over 20,000 5/5 reviews.

We were the first to create a waterproof case for iPhone 3GS,

Won ' The Product of the year' by Mashable. with MicFlip - World's first fully reversible micro USB cable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does the warranty cover?

Answer Manufacturing damage, PCB, housing, and retractable cables. It doesn't cover water damage.

Question: Will it work with my iPhone?

Answer: Yes, there's a lightning cable and a Type-C cable built-in and it'll work with Apple and Android devices.

Question: How can I be sure it'll work with my car?

Answer: As long as you have an automobile auxiliary power outlet (car cigarette lighter), it'll work

Question: Can I charge my iPad PRO?

Answer: Absolutely! It's 100W, so you'll be able to charge your smartphones and tablets (simoultensouly)

Question: The cables included?

Answer: Yes, the USB type-c & lightning cables are built-in

Question: Can I use my own cables as well?

Answer: Sure, you have two additional ports

Question: Would I get a tracking number?

AnswerYes, once your order is shipped you'll have your tracking number sent by email

Question: What the warranty covers?

Answer Battery, manufacturing damage, motor, PCB, housing. It doesn't cover water damage.

Question: What's the frequency?

Answer: 30 Hz, 35 Hz, 40 Hz

Question: What's the RPM (revolutions per minute)?

Answer: 1800-2400, depends on the speed you choose

Question: How loud is the PEAXUP?

Answer: It's only 65 DB, for comparison (as most of us are not used to talk in DB/decibels) your electric toothbrush is 57-61 DB

Question: What's the stroke length?

Answer: The stroke is 15mm

Question: What's the weight of the gun?

Answer: It's 1kg / 2.2 lbs

Question: Where you ship it from?

AnswerWe're shipping from Miami, FL with FedEx, USPS, and DHL.